Sunday, September 25, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Our Secret Wedding by HJ Perry

A friends-to-lovers, feel-good gay romance. Contains a whole lot of man-on-man love action, and an elopement to Gretna Green for a secret wedding. 

Impulsive and romantic, Connor is set to take over the family business, Sky High Scaffolds, with his siblings. But he might be ruled out as possible CEO, because even though he's almost thirty, he's still single. 
Connor makes a life-changing chance discovery about a member of his construction team. Lee is gay, but no one at work knows. The macho scaffolding crew aren’t known for their gay-friendliness. 

At twenty-nine years of age, sexy scaffolder Lee is looking for love and commitment. He’s not about to hook up with any straight guy who’s going through a gay experimental phase. Especially not his work colleague, Connor. 

Lee fears rejection if and when Connor wakes up and realizes he’s not bisexual and not into guys. 
Connor fears losing the love of his life if he can’t prove he’s serious about him and win Lee’s heart. 

Standalone novel with a happy ending. 

Our Secret Wedding by HJ Perry was a nice read with lovely characters. Connor and Lee were friends since elementary school, getting into trouble as youths, and co-workers as adults. Connor, soon to inherit the family construction company, kept his true feelings for Lee from his family, but pursued Lee relentlessly. Quickly the friends to lovers escalated and the men enjoyed each other’s company at work and at home.

I enjoy reading a friends to lovers’ trope, and Our Secret Wedding did not disappoint. The relationship went from zero to sixty at lightning speed, but the author’s deliverance was well crafted. I enjoyed the world building and the secondary characters.

Connor and Lee were likeable and sweet and I look forward to reading the continuation of their story.
Book provided in exchange for an honest review

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