Sunday, December 30, 2018

S.E.X. Review~ Kink Aware by Morticia Knight

Cruella can’t wait to show Ray the ropes…
Working at Rogue Ink is a dream job for Cruella, especially being around the hunky co-owner, Ray. Even though the money isn’t great, the eye candy and Ray’s caring heart make it all worthwhile. When Cruella risks rejection by inviting Ray to be their partner for a shibari class at Kiss of Leather, they’re thrilled when Ray accepts.
Cruella’s invitation both excites and terrifies Ray. He wants Cruella, but does he also want to become more kink aware? Still, he could kick himself for not already making a move on the sweet and beautiful Cruella, so maybe this is his chance. His protective instincts have gotten him into serious trouble before, so he’ll be sure not to make the same mistake with Cruella. They’ve made it clear they can take care of themself.
Cruella fears that Ray won’t accept their genderqueer identity and Ray aches to be the strong man Cruella needs. However, when Cruella’s dark past intrudes on their blissful present, Ray’s definition of strength might turn out to be harsher than Cruella is willing to accept.

Kink Aware by Morticia Knight was a wonderful addition to the Kiss of Leather series. From the first book in the series to this one, Ms. Knight took her readers on a roller coaster ride tackling mature topics and issues and doing it with grace and clarity. We previously met Cruella, a genderqueer who longed to find a loving and accepting relationship. Unbeknownst to Cruella, Ray, an owner of a Rogue, Ink, admired and pined for them from afar.

Ms. Knight gave Cruella a new dimension, multi-faceted and intriguing in their acceptance of themselves and their life evolution. Cruella’s ability to be comfortable in their skin was well defined and written through the author’s careful consideration and gave credence to their identity.

Ray and Cruella’s journey was heart-felt and touching and the insertion of old friends from previous books was a nice touch. So many times an author forgets the previous works and past characters are left in the wind, but Ms. Knight dove in and inserted the other BSDM couples in Kink Aware.

Kiss of Leather series would best be read in order to get a definitive feel for the lives of the men who call KoL their second home. Kink Aware was a spectacular addition.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review 

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