Monday, December 31, 2018

S.E.X Review~ A Swan for Christmas by M.M. Wilde

A Swan for Christmas is Book Four in the Vale Valley shared world series filled with lots of mpreg and sweet forever-afters!

An Alpha wolf and an omega swan can’t be fated mates… Right?

Abandoned by his swan herd and lost in a snowstorm, Kellan has nowhere to go. When he’s near death, he’s discovered by a wolf shifter in the woods surrounding a mysterious town filled with magic and hope. Could there also be love?

Vic, the owner of Vale Valley Inn and Restaurant, has been alone since a virus claimed the lives of most of his pack. He’s found acceptance and built a good life for himself in the beautiful town that has become his home. Still, facing another Christmas without a mate is heartbreaking, even if he’s accepted that he’ll never find his true wolf omega.

When Vic rescues Kellan, he plans to do anything he can to help the skittish man forge a new life in Vale Valley. He’s all too familiar with having to start over. But as they grow closer, something else starts happening that he’s not familiar with—the mating pull and a swan’s heat. 

A Swan for Christmas is the fourth book in a multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. Each installment can be read as a standalone. This mpreg romance story features an omega virgin desperate for love, a lonely Alpha who is perplexed by the mechanics of nesting and a whole lot of hurt/comfort and smexy times. So curl up by the fireside with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy a Happy Holiday with two men who are destined to be together forever and raise a beautiful family!

A Swan for Christmas, a Vale Valley tale by M. M. Wilde was a sweet and dear read, and a nice addition to the series. Swan shifter Kellan was tossed aside by his brother, left to fend for himself in the wild. His abandonment soon turned to his fortune when he was found by wolf shifter Vic, resident of Vale Valley~ the magical tone of acceptance for all.

Vic realized very quickly he and Kellan were mates and soon the two came together to create a new life. Vic was patient and loving, an attribute which served him well with his young and inexperienced swan mate. I adored Kellan’s exuberance and lust for life. Ms. Wilde delivered characters with substance and heart, only enhancing the spirit of Christmas and the atmosphere of the town. 

This mpreg series has delivered sweet stories with tones of sappiness and definite happily ever after’s. The secondary characters were entrenched throughout and although the books can be read as stand alone, the running theme is best read in order.

A Swan for Christmas was tender and will surely place a smile on your face.

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