Friday, July 4, 2014

A House of Manlove Flash~ Always in My Arms

The House of Manlove presents Hot Summer Flash Blog Hop
Task: Write a complete story, 1200 words or less with one or both of these themes...
Fourth of July: Freedom to Marry (established couples)
Midsummer Madness (summer fling)

Always in My Arms is a Fourth of July celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with two lovers, former military men, about to tie the knot on the Fourth of July. Shout out to the lovely Dakota Trace for creating my beautiful cover!


Life was good. No, life was great. My man and I were finally getting away for a quick three-day weekend, far from the hustle and bustle of reality. The mountain cabin called to us, a dream mini vacation, one where I hoped to take him on every available surface-and then some. He’d been tense with the pressures of his job and I knew just what he needed-uninterrupted sex and a lot of pampering. Of course we had to contend with our families first-but he didn’t know that. This weekend, the best of our lives, would unite us in ‘til death do us part, in sickness and in health. Not that some of it wasn’t already true, but in the eyes of the state, legalities would now be on our side.

“Do you have everything that you need, babe?” I looked over the hood of the SUV; his green eyes met mine, as he nodded.

“Yep, what more do we need than an extra-large bottle of lube?” Christian smiled, his eyes sparkled through thick, dark lashes and I shook my head.

“Well…” I began as I counted off my fingers. “One, we need to eat, so clothes would be nice so we don’t scare the other vacationers. Two, if we plan to take moonlit rides, I would prefer not to be bitten in unmentionable parts. So, oh yeah, once again, clothes. Three, if we plan on being clean…”

Christian interrupted me, “Okay, okay, I get it. Clothes, toiletries, and lots of lube.”

“You, my love, are incorrigible. Get your delectable ass in the seat while I go grab the bags and lock the door.”

Christian had no idea of what awaited him when we’d arrive at the Adirondacks resort.

A packed SUV, and Christian snoring lightly, his head leaned on the passenger window, a warm feeling passed though me, as I remembered the conversation with his mom some months past.

“Mami Sophia, I need your help.” I think I talked to Christian’s mami more than he did.

“What sort of help, Jeremiah? And will it drive my baby up the wall?” I could feel her elated vibrations through the cell phone, as she loved when we ganged up on Christian.

“A special weekend, three months from this weekend. You know the one I’ve been wanting for all these years. I figured Fourth of July would be perfect, being both ex-military, and that was the first time we met during our college orientation.”

“Of course, we’ll all help. What do you need me to do?”

I’ll call my mom as well then the two of you can get your heads together. Love you and mums the word.”

I explained all the details to her. I rented the hall, cabins for the families and of course a special secluded cabin for Christian and me. I needed Sophia and my mom to gather the troops, get all the decorations and food in order and just be there and be ready.

Excitement strummed through me, I couldn’t wait to see the expression on my man’s face when he realized that our impromptu getaway had been planned months in advance. I just hoped that he’d be as excited as the rest of us, especially me.

We arrived at our destination. I turned in my seat and looked at the man that I had called my partner, the love of my life for the past ten years. Beautiful sandy blond curls framed his youthful face and piercing green eyes looked at me through long lashes.

It’s been said that the eyes are the window to a soul and when I looked into his, I saw the depths of his being, shining back at me. The immense love he felt for me reflected back and went straight to my chest. Sometimes the feeling was so intense I gasped for breathe. More handsome today than when we met as freshmen in college. My heart skipped a beat every time I looked at him, touched him, made sweet love to him.

He made my heart beat faster and faster like the rhythm of a cacophony of drums calling men to battle, ready to take on the world, be the aggressor and dominate its opponent. That’s how I felt. Not the feeling of him being my opponent, but of the dominant who wanted his mate under him. I was delirious, knowing that when we crossed the threshold of the cabin door our lives would forever be changed. Again.

Obstacles, be damned. We’d survived ten years of ups and downs. Of secrecy and hiding. Of hurt and despair. But, through it all we had each other and our families. Supportive, loving, and ever-present. I chuckled-always ever present.

I opened my door to the SUV and went to his side of the vehicle. Opening his door, I reached in and grabbed his hand, electrical currents shot through our fingers, palms, as we touched. The feeling of euphoria never went away and I hoped never would.

“You ready love?” I inquired, admiring his sleep-ridden beauty.

“Jer, what’s our families doing here?” His expression made me laugh, but I didn’t, so as to not hurt his feelings. It wasn’t his fault he was the only one out of the loop.

“They’re here to celebrate with us. The start of a new chapter in our lives. Ten years ago we met at college orientation and have been together ever since, albeit some in secrecy, but together.”

He nodded and I wasn’t sure if in agreement or to go on. So, I decided to go on.

“I want to make it legal. You, me, the I do’s, cake, music, everything. It’s kind of a surprise.”

I waited. “Surprise-we’re getting married? Yes?” I asked.

“Yes.” Fat silent tears rolled down his face.

I lifted him from the truck and placed him in my arms, cradling his slender body against my chest. He nuzzled under my chin, rubbing his cheek like a cat, I heard him purr. He smiled and I kissed his forehead. I loved him with all my being, no matter what. In sickness and in health, for better or worse, ‘til death do us part. I thank whoever was watching out for him that fateful day that the ‘til death do us part never came. He returned home and for that I will always be thankful. My love. My life. I love you.

“Ready to be my husband? To face our crazy families and mom’s? Who, by the way, have been planning for months, so I have no idea what to expect.” 

Chuckling, I knew that he understood everything we should be frightened of with our mother’s in charge of the event.

“You don’t have to carry me. I can wheel…” I cut off his statement with a kiss and glanced into the back of the SUV and saw the chair.

“I rather have you in my arms.” I pecked his soft lips again and made my way to the cabin’s entrance, into the embracing arms of our loving families.

“Always in my arms.”

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