Friday, July 4, 2014

Doms of Chicago Boxed Set 2~ Dakota Trace

*Cartwheels into room and lands on feet with a huge flourish*  “Happy 4th of July from Dakota Trace and me….her rascally muse, Livvy!”


 *looks around*  “Okay where is everyone?  Out partying their asses off?” 

*squeezes the bridge of her nose*  “I TOLD her this would happen.” *looks up* “Okay, I really get it. Today is the Fourth of July and everyone is out celebrating this nation’s great independence from oppression by the British.”  

*sighs and moves father into the room*   “But with that being the case, slave aka Dakota, has come up with this really cool offer for everyone…”  *leans forward* “Don’t tell anyone, but she’s damn near giving away her newest bundle…the last four books in her Doms of Chicago Series (that’s 4 complete novels) for $2.99 for this weekend only.  That’s a helluva a deal!  You not only get her newest book, Healing Hark in the bundle but Saving Micah, Choosing Rena AND Gabriel’s Light as well.     

“Why?” *shakes head*  “Well, that’s because she loves bundles.  She thinks readers really enjoy getting their money’s worth out of dollar, but most importantly…”  *leans in*  “…she’s too impatient to wait for the next book in the series to come out – so she waits for the bundle and gorges herself!”

*shrugs*  “I guess I understand that.  Doesn’t make me happy, but I get it.”  *wanders over to the sidebar*   “So why not take Dakota up on her generous offer?  Because once Monday comes around, the price will go back to $7.99.” 

*grins* “Besides I can’t think of a better way to spend my holiday than curled up with some sexy ass Doms and submissives….” 

*pouts* “Okay, I can’t compete with grilled food, booze and sparklers….so go about your merriment….but be safe.”  *props hand on hip*  “I don’t wanna hear about anyone getting hurt this weekend….unless it’s the good kinda of hurt…including crops, whips and other devilish props of enjoyment.” 

*saunters out of the room*


In this boxed set of Dakota Trace's popular Doms of Chicago Series, you will find: 

Saving Micah - the conclusion of Mistress Olivia's tale as she and Jude travel to New Orleans to not only rescue their third, but to bring Micah home for good. 

Choosing Rena - What's a brash New York girl doing in Chicago? Trying to keep her hands off a sexy younger man. Too bad Master Jackson has decided Rena is going to be his. 
Gabriel's Light - Tensions rise when in a wintery storm, a grieving Dom is thrown together with a spunky sub who's expecting another man's baby. When nature conspires against him, he finds perhaps he wasn't as dead inside as he thought. 

And finally in Healing Hark - Hark has made a promise to a friend to move on from the death of his family. However, he never expected Master Rai and his submissive Bryan to be the ones to help him.

Leave a comment on this post about why YOU like boxed sets, along with your email addy, I'll enter you into the drawing for a free copy of it. The contest will run all weekend :) 

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  1. And that silly Muse of mine forgot to mention....if you leave a comment on this post about why YOU like boxed sets, along with your email addy, I'll enter you into the drawing for a free copy of it. The contest will run all weekend :)


  2. I like box sets because when you finish the first book, you don't have to go looking for the next one--it's right there. On occasion, I finish a book with the intent of buying the next. I forget and never do. Oh, and price is an incentive, too. synlab1 at yahoo dot com. PS-did you ever send out the cards from the other contest?

    1. Thanks for commenting Cindy....and yes, I did send the cards right after we spoke the last time - you didn't get them? I'm sooo sorry, I'll send another set out. Let me find your address again and I'll send you an email verifying that it is correct before I re-send it.