Thursday, January 14, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Searching for Shelter by Morticia Knight

Teen shelter volunteer Rich searches for love until Diego, from LVMPD Search and Rescue, finds him.
After declaring his love life officially dead, Rich wonders if maybe he should stick with his shifter book boyfriends instead. It’s not as if he has much free time to date anyway. Between working long hours at a coffee shop, guarding his sodas from his hygienically challenged roommates, and running the programming at the Vegas LGBTQ teen shelter he founded—how could there ever be space for love in his life?
Diego Espinoza enjoys taking his downtime from working Search and Rescue at the Lucky Cup coffee shop. He can set up his laptop, peruse good sport climbing spots and observe the blond barista he’s been pining over for a while. He imagines that the pretty boy has more offers than he knows what to do with, so it takes Diego time to work up the nerve to approach him.
Rich isn’t so sure about the rough-looking Diego—even if he’s always thought he was hot—but once he decides to gives Diego a chance, there’s an immediate heat and connection that takes him by surprise. As they learn more about each other and try to find the way to a future together, strange and scary things start to happen.

It isn’t until Rich is injured in a bizarre accident that it becomes clear that there’s someone out there who not only doesn’t want Rich to find love—they want him dead.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light bondage.

Morticia Knight created a feeling of swooning as I read Searching for Shelter, Sin City Uniforms #6. I adored Rich and Diego and Ms. Knight’s characterization enhanced my connection with the two men.

Rich worked at a local coffee shop and volunteered at the LGBT teen center. Diego worked for Search and Rescue~ risking life and limb to protect those that braved the rugged mountain range in the Las Vegas area.

Ms., Knight delivered a sweet synergy between Rich and Diego which captivated my attention and intrigued me. She provided a simmering relationship that when ignited left me breathless and yearning for more. Two sexy characters~ steamy read.

I love a man in uniform and Diego hit all the right buttons. Add in a bit of mystery and Searching for Shelter was another hit by Morticia Knight.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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