Sunday, May 29, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Data Input by Cree Strom

Patch returns with an unknown source on his tail and is forced to disclose the secret network he has been working with to find missing men. Patch never expected to discover the United Council was behind everything and that now they want him dead. When Bram rips him apart and Zion, his "mate", allows it to happen, Patch decides to go it alone and hopefully take the Council’s eyes off his family and friends. 

Zion is struggling with having a coworker for a mate and makes a big mistake that could cost him the love of his life. Searches bring up nothing, until a mutual acquaintance says he knows where Patch is and finally agrees to take Zion to his mate.

Can Zion fix his mistake and get Patch to return to MYSTIC and Zion's side, or will he be forced to go on the run with his mate? Because there is no way Zion will leave Patch behind.

Data Input by Cree Storm was an enjoyable addition to the MYSTIC series. Patch and Zion, opposite ends of the spectrum, came together to make a life for themselves personally and as part of MYSTIC.

The adventures continued as the men of MYSTIC attempted to discover and destroy the enemy while maintaining relationships~ a difficult task to muster.

Ms. Storm delivered a balanced tale of romance and intrigue with the development of the newest in the series.

I particularly liked Patch and his carefree attitude in the face of danger~ a defense mechanism in spite of the strains imposed by his gifts. Zion was a loving mate, albeit a tad bit smug and at times condescending.

Ms. Storm’s delivery of mating is a refreshing idea to a traditional paranormal book. When the men discover they are mates~ they mate~ then the interesting happenstances occur.

I look forward to seeing where Cree Storm plans to take the series~ bad guys, good guys, children~ where will it end?
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