Tuesday, June 21, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Role Play by Morticia Knight

Some like it rough… 

Hollywood photographer, Terry Patterson, loves his job. But when it comes to romance, there is none – at least not anymore. Ever since producer, Phil Watts, abruptly left for a high-paying job in Toronto, Terry’s been determined to move on with his life. After all, they’d barely begun their relationship when everything got derailed. Just because he’s still in love with Phil after three years, shouldn’t it be time for him to finally let go? 

Phil has learned the hard way that work and career is one thing, having someone by your side to love and cherish is another. The producing gig in Toronto left him cold and lonely, but a fateful meeting one night at a bar was a game-changer. Now that’s he’s back in town, Phil is ready to take the knowledge he gained while being trained as a lifestyle Master, and is determined to claim his boy. 

Something about Phil seems different when Terry reluctantly gives into his pleas for them to meet. Terry isn’t sure whether to believe Phil’s promises that this time Terry’s heart will be safe, but he can’t deny the intensity of the chemistry they still share. When Phil reveals all, Terry is shocked, yet curious. As they discuss whether or not Terry is willing to try a relationship as a sub to Phil’s Dom, one thing in particular piques Terry’s curiosity. Phil mentions role play, and there’s a fantasy Terry has always had, but been way too embarrassed to ever confess. 

Will Phil agree to satisfy Terry’s darkest fantasy? 

Role Play is Book 1 in the Play Series, however, there is an HEA with no cliffhanger. Phil and Terry’s exploration into their new life together will continue in Book 2, out in the summer of 2016. 

Warning: This story is intended for a mature audience and contains explicit content between consenting adults. There is also rough, fantasy role play that might be upsetting to some readers. 

Longtime lovers, Phil and Terry are back on track as they forge forward in a new and distinctive relationship. Role Play is the start of Morticia Knight’s new series Play and a different style for an author whom I enjoy reading.

Phil realized the relationship he previously had with Terry, while a hot sexual one, was not the relationship they both needed nor wanted. When he left Terry to pursue his career he trained under a Dom and learned the lifestyle so that when he returned he could be with Terry in a TPE BDSM bond.

I liked both characters, but something was missing for me, yet I can’t pinpoint it. Maybe it’s the writing style that’s very different than Ms. Knight’s previous works. Maybe it was the main characters themselves.

I found Terry too trusting, in light of the fact that Phil up and left him with little regard to how it would affect Terry. Additionally, I found Phil slightly pushy in his desire to pick up where they left off as the new and improved Dom in Terry’s life (although he said all the right words).

I’m also not a fan of the type of play Terry was interested in (no spoilers) which was a turn off for this reader. I applaud Ms. Knight and her venture into the series, with the hopes of discovering more about the characters we were introduced to, and look forward to reading more.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four handcuff review


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