Saturday, November 19, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ A Protectors Family Christmas by Sloane Kennedy

It’s the holidays for a group of very special men who’ve managed to become a family in the last year and while all the guys are coming together to celebrate Hawke and Tate’s upcoming wedding, a few of them have big plans of their own… 

A change of plans… 
Newlyweds Ronan and Seth are settling into married life as Ronan considers his return to medicine and Seth starts dreaming of a future that may include the pitter patter of little feet a lot sooner rather than later. 

Building a future… 
Knee deep in wedding preparations, Hawke and Tate are celebrating something even more important – Matty’s final round of chemotherapy treatment. As they anxiously await confirmation that their son is finally in remission, both men strive to give their little boy a normal life including a new house, playdates with Matty’s new best friend, Leo, and a new support system of men and women who are starting to seem a lot like family.

An important question to ask… 
Meanwhile, Mav is looking to make things official with Eli despite the young man’s busy schedule with medical school. But before he can ask the man of his dreams that very important question, he has to get past Eli’s family first, including a posse of two overprotective fathers, several intrusive uncles and a little girl who just wants to brush Mav’s hair!

Figuring it all out… 
With Memphis, Brennan and Tristan settling into their newfound relationship and our favorite threesome from New York visiting for the wedding, there are plenty of chances for old friends to connect and new bonds to be formed. 

The best kind of chaos… 
And of course, what wedding wouldn’t be complete without a little drama including some white hot sexual tension between a not so old grandfather and a certain cocky bodyguard? Add in some more Barrettis, a couple of precocious kids, several dogs, one spoiled cat and a gaggle of new, hot alpha men and you’ve got the perfect storm for a holiday that only the Protectors could pull off!

Sloan Kennedy, just when I think a series cannot get any better, you do it again. A Protectors Family Christmas catapulted to the top of my best-read list with your uncanny ability to create a loving homestead even in the worst of times.

Each couple or ménage graced the pages of this eloquently constructed book and shined through like a beacon of love and understanding.

I laughed. I cried. But I never wavered in the knowledge that a happy ending would occur for the men I have grown to love through Ms. Kennedy’s carefully crafted words.

Weddings, new members of the family and the formation of new loves were just a sliver of the wonderful feats occurring in A Protectors Family Christmas. From the children to the adults, Ms. Kennedy made each character come to life with witty dialogue and loving gestures of happiness.

Now that all the men were together in one book, I never have to choose which couple/ménage I loved best.

This series is a must read for any lover of angst and romance. The characters are well-developed and the world building phenomenal. Sloane Kennedy, another winner and I look forward to the next book and many more to come.

Definite S.E.X.
A five-handcuff review

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