Friday, July 19, 2013

Whips & Tricks, Retro Review- Essential Master by Dakota Trace


Essential Master by Dakota Trace was an erotic story that took me on a roller coaster ride of love, lust and hot sex. Nicholaus Tarquino and Stephanie McKeown have a wonderful relationship as a D/s duo but desired a third to finish their family. Enter Zebediah Pellegrino, a broken sub interested in finding a Dom or Domme. Little did Zeb realize that he would get two for the price of one; Nicholaus and Steph.

Ms. Trace delivered a beautiful story that enchanted and beguiled me as a reader. I was mesmerized by Nicholaus and Steph’s relationship; the camaraderie, compassion and deep-rooted love they felt for each other drove the story to new heights. In conveying their tale, Ms. Trace allowed their emotions to transfer in the feelings for Zeb. Neither jealousy nor emotional inhibitions were depicted in the story as each party never wavered nor hesitated in what they knew would be the outcome- a life together.

Zeb was a beautiful soul, slightly scared, but strong-willed and determined to conquer any fears placed on him by his previously abusive Domme. I wanted to wrap Zeb in cotton and never let him out of my sight. I believe Steph and Nicholaus felt the same way! Ms. Trace permitted Zeb to grow and emerge as the confident young man he was destined to be; subtly and with the help of his loving partners.

Nicholaus and Steph were dominant characters who were neither overbearing nor stingy in their emotions. Everything they did they did with gusto and passion. Whether it was everyday living, their jobs, or loving each other and Zeb; a balance was met, tipped on the side of love.

The sex was explosive, whether it was two or all three, emotions ran high and lust filled the air. Each one of the trio was fully invested in the relationship and gave it their all.

Steph was a wildcat of a woman and a sheep waiting to be ravaged by her master all rolled into one. Nicholaus was a dominant with no fear of being taken care of by his submissives, nor put in his place when needed. Zeb was the x factor in the equation. That final piece of a puzzle that allowed you to breathe a sigh of relief in knowing it was a job well done.

This story would not have been complete if not for each piece of the puzzle and Ms. Trace’s ability to deliver three very different personalities and merge them into a sexy satisfying culmination was truly a work of art. Essential Master blurred the lines of who truly ran the relationship. Strong and dominant, meek and mild, no one knows, but what I can surmise is that the essential master in this story if the one who is most loved; Nicholaus, Stephanie, and Zeb.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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