Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Sexy Afternoon ~ @MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSS46

Welcome to the 46th week of My Sexy Saturday.

Last week we were in the Captain’s Chair, this week, we’re having a sexy afternoon. And just what constitutes a sexy afternoon? Well, you tell us…is it that daring adventure to someplace new then making love all afternoon? Is it that once in a lifetime chance with someone you thought you’d never have that with?

Sexy afternoons are all about the couple. It doesn’t matter if they are lovers reunited, first time lovers or just coming together in the heat of the moment. Sexy afternoons are hot and steamy and oh, so wonderful.

It doesn’t matter if the characters are rich, famous or downright bad girls or boys. A sexy afternoon holds the delights for all of them as they make passionate love in the middle of the day. Make us believe these characters deserve that awesome sexiness.

7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words 

Enjoy Leo and Skyler from Tropical Paradise and an afternoon of sexy fun! And remember to keep hoppin'

“Ready to hit the water?” Leo emerged from the washroom.

“Yeah, a dip in the ocean sounds perfect.” Skyler reached for him but the man swiped at him and wiped the seed from Sky’s abs, attempting to clean him before the cum dried. Then Leo pulled him from the bed and outside the cabana. They strode to the water’s edge, naked as the day they each came into the world. He couldn’t believe the freedom he felt as his dick swung in the open air. He’d never been an exhibitionist, but the carefree attitude of the island brought out the naughtiness in him. He dipped a toe into the water and shivered.

“It’s warm, chicken shit. This is Puerto Rico, the water’s like a bathtub.” Leo laughed.

When the water lapped at his ankles, a splash reached his back as Leo raced past him.

“Oh, you’re gonna pay for that Señor Santos.” He took off after his lover into the water, gentle waves crashing over them until they both were waist high. He didn’t think Leo would run far from him.

“I can’t believe I’m in Puerto Rico, in the ocean, with you,” He jumped up and wrapped his legs around Leo, “and naked to boot.” He squirmed until his dick rested against Leo’s, both trying to make a comeback.

“You mean you don’t always swim naked in the ocean?” Leo spoke between the pecks he delivered, palms cupping Sky’s ass.


  1. I love how playful and sexy this excerpt is! :)

  2. Um, can I go swimming with them? XX

  3. I love beach more ways than one. Thanks for sharing your sexy snippet about their island paradise.