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S.E.X. Review~ Retrograde by Bailey Bradford

Letting go of the past to embrace the future…
Things are changing for Marcus and Nathan, in more ways than one. Nathan is still trying to deal with the action he took in order to save Marcus’ life. It isn’t easy to do, and sometimes he fears he’ll give in to all the doubts and fears plaguing him.
What they need is some time alone, without guards shadowing their every move, no one to interrupt. Because soon, they’ll be busier than ever.
A short vacation before the annual gathering of Alpha Anaxes at the compound, that’s what they decide to do. But their vacation isn’t so private when they discover a wild pack of young shifters barely surviving.
Changes are coming.
A strange young shifter with abilities neither Marcus nor Nathan have ever seen before. Alpha Anaxes and attitudes. An intruder in their midst. And with the help of Shania, the pack doctor, the most important event of Marcus and Nathan’s shared life is about to happen.
Changes are coming, and they’re coming fast. 
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of fisting.
Retrograde by Bailey Bradford is the beginning of the end for the Southwest Shifters series and our further peek into the lives of Marcus and Nathan~ as well as the others shifters.
Marcus and Nathan are coming to a critical point in their relationship, being Alpha Anax and Mate can be treacherous and deadly, and wanting to start a family~ with the help of Shania.

I adore Marcus and Nathan, and have since we were first introduced to them. The chemistry between the loving power couple is off the chart as Ms. Bradford takes us through every peril, dilemma, and tender instant the two share.

Ms. Bradford’s writing draws the reader into the finer moments of their lives with her eloquent writing and witty banter. As always, she never forgets all the characters from the complete series, and forges a bond between them and the reader.

The introduction of Milo, Asher and the rest of the packless children added depth to the ongoing issues Marcus faces as Alpha Anax. Additionally, the birth of his and Nathan’s children are sure to bring us countless words of enjoyment as Ms. Bradford begins to wrap up the series.

Retrograde~ moving in one direction against the grain~ exactly the feeling Marcus and Nathan experience as they attempt to move the shifter pack forward in time while deciding to go back to their roots. How this will play out~ only in the recess of Bailey Bradford’s mind is the solution and one we’ll have to wait and read when the final Southwest Shifters book is released.
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Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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